Are you about to write a grant proposal for your business? Well, seeking grants is indeed a good way to bring your vision to reality, and it only means one thing: that you are passionate about what you do and working towards the right direction to realize your goal. To increase your chance of winning a grant there are many things to note before putting your grant proposal together, and we have provided the five(5) tips that can help you write a winning grant proposal in this piece.
5 Tips on How to increase your chance of winning Grants

1. Be Precise

Firstly, you have to be specific about what you want, how you want it and where you need it to be delivered. It’s important to note that when writing a grant, you must endeavor to be as clear as possible. Try as much as you can to write in plain, comprehensible language and manner. You must refer to what exactly you want and why you want it.

2. Be Strategic

Work out a strategic plain for your activities and tag each activity with a timeline. You must express in detail how you expect your plans to be achieved. Always ensure that whatever idea you have in mind must be reasonable and very actionable. This has to be more technical and analytical especially if your purpose of writing a grant is business based.

3. Be Timely

As the popular saying “Time is Money”, so in everything you need to be conscious of time and deadlines. Always keep to time while writing a grant to avoid the last minute rush. Also try to understand some timezone terms and there meanings such as WAT, GMT, ET and the likes to know which one goes inline with your grant application deadline.

4. Research àbout the Organisation/Individual Issuing the Grant

This is where you go into intense research on the particular organization you are writing to. You will have to decide, locate, and then identify the organization or office from which you wish to get the grant. That way, you will know how to address and where to channel your request. Also pay more attention to the organization’s antecedents, such as how many grants they have given out so far and their terms of issuing these grants.

5. Do a Comparative Analysis

This is where you have to compare what you have written with what is applicable. As in how your solution or grant proposal have answered the donors request. You need to craft your grant proposal in such a way that satisfies the want of the grant issuing organization. This is very paramount in grant proposal writing as there is no other shortcut to winning a grant than channeling your requests in alignment with the grant rules and guidelines. And also try as much as you can to be persuasive in your approach. Additionally, prioritize your grant request, that is a good way to give it the best approach it deserves.

Finally, the thing is, there are free money lying out there, looking for problem solvers, researchers, business owners, etc, like you to sponsor. All you need to do is to learn how to ask for it and that’s why we have put together this tips to help you write your next grant in a right and proper manner. We will also recommend you get a book titled A Roadmap to Winning Grants by Fayo Williams for further learning. This will really help you gain the full understanding of writing an unresistable grant proposal.

Getting Grant Proposal Right

A Roadmap to Winning Grants

By: Fayo Williams

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