You have been working hard. Waking up by 4 am every day to resume your printing business by 8 am in the Obalende axis of Lagos metropolis. There are so many things you wanted to do aside from work, but time was never enough. You needed time to unwind even if it is just to get some sleep. And on weekends, the stress of preparing for religious activities as well as the coming week is ever present…….

Then the COVID 19 lockdown happens……. you are honestly not happy about this coronavirus pandemic but secretly you are cool with the stay – at – home order, finally, the much-needed rest is here. God has finally answered your prayers. You decided that you would sleep at least half of the 14 days. Unfortunately, visiting friends and family is not an option as you are to avoid social gatherings. But that is still ok, what you need is rest. A lot of sleep for that matter, not visiting friends.

The first day you sleep in all through the day, getting up occasionally just to feed. The second day, third and fourth day was the same. It was as if you are living in paradise on earth. But by the fifth day, things started to feel boring, by now you are tired of just watching the television. The news just seems like repetition. Nothing feels so exciting and interesting any more, and by now sleeping and resting is no longer fun.

You are the law-abiding type, so your visitation to supermarkets and such medium risk areas is limited. By now, you are looking forward to resuming your normal routine. You need to go back to work. Fatigue has set in and it is no longer fun.

The above scenario describes the situation some people are in especially those who are not working remotely from home. Coping during this COVID 19 lock down is a challenge. But you can take advantage of it to do what you have been aiming to do.

  • Write that book you have been dreaming of writing
  • Sign up for one of the many free online courses 
  • Engage your mind and improve yourself and your career

One other way of coping is to get involved. Be a channel of blessing to someone. During this period, there are many problems that require solutions. Get creative and be a problem solver. You do not actually need a lot of money to do that and in some cases you do not need money at all. Contribute in your own little way. Look for a problem to solve within the community. You can organize people to educate their households depending on where you live. If you look hard enough, there will always be a problem to solve.

Be prayerful, be bold and with God we shall overcome and subdue COVID 19

PS: Next wednesday, I will be taking you through “TIPS FOR UNLOCKING YOUR BUSINESS AFTER THE LOCKDOWN”