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Firstly, What is a Grant?
Grant is
a sum of money given by a sponsor organization i.e government authority, financial institution, individual or other organization for a particular purpose e.g business grant, travel grant, research grant and many more. Writing a grant proposal means seeking funds from either an organization, individuals, or government authority to startup, expand, or sponsor a project.

Grant Statistics
According to the UK Government release on “Experimental statistics and data on government grants spending for the financial year 2019 to 2020”, it’s observed that the general grants account for 30% (£35.3 billion) of the value of government grants spending and 90% of the volume of grant schemes in 2019 to 2020. Most of these grants are awarded to individuals or business owners like you who know their onions and sets their goals right.

Why You Need a Grant
As an aspiring or emerging entrepreneur particularly if you don’t have a Grandpa that can raise you #500million to startup a business like that of “Dangote”, it will be advisable you consider grants as one of your first picks when it comes to funding your business idea or project. Acquiring a grant is one of the most business-friendly methods of funding your project especially if your business is at the idea or start-up stage. It would be very risky to acquire a loan to test run a business though it does work out in some rare cases.

How to Write a Winning Grant
According to Professor Kate Vieira, an Instruction and Curriculum professor at UW-Madison, writing is an act of imagination. You have to create that actualized imagination of what you want, then manifest it physically by putting it down into writing. There are many things you need to get right while writing a grant proposal, and that’s why we have put together all the things you need to know in an eBook titled “Roadmap to Winning Grants” By Fayo Williams. This eBook will open your mind to opportunities and expose you to all the intrigues involved in writing a successful grant proposal.

Get the Perfect Guide You Need in Writing a Grant Proposal for Your Business

The Game Plan: What You Stand To Gain In The Ebook
Upon purchasing and reading the eBook, participants should be able to:
To Identify strategies for winning Grant Applications

Key Takeaways
• How to increase your chance of winning Grants
• Time constraints in Grant Application
• Major components of a grant proposal
• Some of the items donors/funders ask you to submit
• Steps in putting a grant proposal together:
• How write an acceptable grant budget etc.

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