Entrepreneurship Training

Our Entrepreneurship Training is based on the International Labour Organization small business training module which is currently in use in over 90 countries across the world. With proper implementation and follow –up, we have the capacity to create a 1000 new jobs annually.

Business Solutions

Understanding Basic Concepts of Entrepreneurship
Generating Business Ideas
Developing Business Ideas and a bankable Business Plan
The Marketing Plan and Marketing Research
Costing & Pricing

Business Networking

You get the opportunity to connect with other businesses and like minds open for collaboration.


Participants get needed materials for further research

The modules are cost-effective, simple to understand, flexible (can be customized to fit individual clients) and needs-based with in-built follow-up systems. The delivery method is highly interactive, and includes a variety of presentation techniques such as role-play, brainstorming, etc.

These trainings are available on-line, in-plant and when advertised as open-courses to meet clients preferences “

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