As part of our effort to reduce unemployment in our society, Simply Exponential Consult Limited in conjunction with The Lagos State Employability Trust Fund (LSTEF), also proudly supported by the USADF’s employability support program, has come together to push for the employability of LSTEF/USADF graduates. The LSTEF is an empowerment program supported by the Lagos state government to train youths on different Vocational Skills to become employable after they must have graduated. This training is funded by the Lagos State Employability Trust Fund through the support of USADF to make this program a success.


The program was motivated by the fact that no nation can function effectively without a working young population. It is ok for any country to have a young population, but it will be useless if those set of youths lack useful skills. It is in this light that the LSETF Vocational Skill training was born. It is a step in the right direction in helping young Nigerian youths to secure gainful employment or start a business of their own when they graduate from the program.


So far, the program has currently trained up to 86 youths and it’s not stopping there; as efforts are ongoing to training an additional 74 who have already signed up for the program. Also, the LSETF Vocational Skills program is already generating more positive results from the labour market. This include employment offers we have been able to secure for some of the beneficiaries. Statically, 45% of the graduates have been placed on different jobs base on their area of specialization. This also serve as evidence that the masses are accepting the attempt by the government to get the youths engaged, hence reducing unemployment to the barest minimum.


The training has more to do with both soft skills and practical Vocations, which involves learning about equipment like sewing machines, electronic repair tools, and CCTV installation. It also has to do with learning digital literacy, design artistry, and other types of soft skills. We must also add the program is not just about the training, it also has provision where graduates are equipped with tools needed to set up their businesses. The program sessions are categorized into three(3) classes, which include;

  1. 1. Soft skills classes
  2. 2. Practical sessions
  3. 3. Assessment sessions

All these shows the quality of the training and the kind of talents we are building for the future.


For Private Sectors/Employers
Small medium and large scale enterprises are encouraged to participate by offering available job openings in their space to the LSETF Vocational Skills Graduates. Also for business that are already occupied, they can still participate, at least to augment their knowledge on the job. Private companies that have employees working under them can as well sign up their employees into the program to improve their craft skills and be more productive.

To participate or get more information visit:

For Participants/Trainee
The program is still open to participants who wish to gain valuable skills, as we are also using this medium to call on more people to enroll for the program. Certificates are issued after each training, and participants are also expected to present this certificate as evidence whenever they are out to seek employment.

Interested participants should click here to enroll and get more information.

Finally, it is important that every youth, especially in Africa, get engaged with one form of Vocational skill. That way, you won’t only be building yourself as an individual; you are also building your country and its economy. So, go ahead, get registered with the LSETF Vocational Skills and take your first step towards becoming self reliant.