We thank you for honoring our invitation to this event, which marks a novel effort by the Private Sector to assist in promoting a Government initiative by building partnerships and networks towards ameliorating the menace of high youth unemployment rate in the country which has been put at 23.1% by NBS, 2018.

Lagos State Employability Support Project (LSESP) in partnership with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) put together a Vocational Skills training programme. Simply Exponential Consult Limited is priviledged to be one of the Vocational Skills Training Centres (VTCs) (see We can attest to the fact that the programme has produced a pool of skilled manpower which will accelerate rate of job creation for the youth and also close skills deficit gaps for enhanced employability thereby contributing to the nation’s economy.

The Role of Private Sector in Job Creation

Although Government has the onerous task of creating the enabling environment and coordinating activities on job creation and skills development in the country,the role of the private sector cannot be downplayed as employment matters are cross cutting in all the sectors of the economy. We therefore wish to appreciate all Employers of Labour who have given the Graduates an opportunity to earn a living by working in their various establishments; our friendly and committed Team, Friends and Family as well as our experienced Facilitators.

A call for inclusion

While the menace of unemployment in the country cuts across different strata of the society, people living with disability are affected to a higher degree. Governmental and non-governmental organizations need to put sustainable measures in place to fully integrate the participation of People Living With Disabilities (PWDs) and Women in the Nation’s workforce across the country.

The Digital Advantage

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR) which encompasses new technologies and processes such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), nanotechnologies etc., Nigeria has a unique opportunity to leapfrog the digital divide by equipping both able bodied and the 19million PWD workforce (World Health Organization’s 2011 World Disability Report) with industry – demanded skills for better job – fit and employability.

Well qualified PWDs, many of whom are graduates, can utilize digital skills to become virtual workers from the comfort of their homes as Social Media Associates, Data Analysts etc. This would enable them generate an income and contribute to the economy in a sustainable manner.  Job placement opportunities for PWDs therefore needs to be improved with the help of well meaning organizations and our friends in the media who we believe can tell our story better.

Our Achievements

SECL trained over 220 students in various vocational skills with about 40- 50% placement so far and the transformation for many who were previously unemployed, is amazing.

Towards the conclusion of the programme, here is what one of the trainees had to say “I appreciate the LSETF, UNDP and Simply Exponential Consult Limited (SECL) for this opportunity. Normally, I stay indoors all the time but the acceptance, exposure and empowerment of this training will have a long lasting positive effect on my life.”

Plan for 2020

In the coming year, 2020, we are planning to equip 500 unemployed youths including PWDs and women, with various vocational skills to function as:

  • Hospitality Industry Staff
  • Office Administrators
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Digital Skills Associates
  • Shoe-preneurs etc.

Though we recently acquired a dual – vision CCTV System with remote monitoring facility and an 80 port router for our Fibre Optic broadband solution, we are  calling on caring Corporate Organizations, Development Institutions, Foundations etc to partner with us in order to subsidise the training and provide more infrastructure for digital skill acquisition.

Vocational training opportunities help create a society where everybody either living with disability or not, is productive. It will also have a great impact on the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. In Lagos State for instance, the rate of unemployment and underemployment  reduced by 6.76% in the last twelve months.  This laudable achievement should be adopted by other governmental and non-governmental organizations, For – Profit and non-profit organizations in Nigeria, as this would put to use a large percentage of the workforce which are currently not being engaged and uplift the standing of Nigeria among the economic giants of the world.

Fayo Williams
Founder/Managing Consultant
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