African Union takes on the challenge to win in Democracy and governance 

s Leadership… Coming in Young!! ūüí™

Benazir Hilali and Romaric Mouftau¬† are the first and forth finalist at the recently concluded “Youth Innovation Challenge on Democracy and Governance” under the auspice of the African Union – AU. This was the outcome of a zoom sessions, presentations and emails.

The African Union РAU (formally Organization of African Unity) is a continental body consisting of the 55 member states representing the countries of the African Continent. AU has a promising vision of promoting an  Integrated, Prosperous and Peaceful Africa driven by its own citizens.

We are so proud that AXEL’s Benazir Hilali of¬†Comoros Islands (southeastern coast of Africa) and the New Type of Citizen (NTC’s)¬† Romaric Mouftau of Republic de Benin (West of Africa) took up this challenge as role models and aspiring young leaders. It was exciting to work with Benazir and Romaric and share my thoughts as a coach during the program.

Lets take a 2 minutes to share the unique focus of these finalists.


Benazir Hilali Thanks for the inspiration to all women to lead and win. Am inspired!!


Will gladly do this again. Honored to be a part of your success. 


This goes out to all youths aspiring to grow and assume leadership roles. There is a large group of young minds that are shaping the way tomorrows governance structure will work.

Be a part of this movement. Build for the long haul

Fayo Williams